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Reporting in... still in one piece, fortunately.

Holy frack! Has it really been 3 months since I've posted on LJ? I guess I've focused so much on FB and Twitter that I don't get here as much. Well, that and this summer has been hella busy for the family.

Ok, quick audiodrama update... been doing stuff all over, have regular roles as well as announcer duties still at BrokenSea's Gaia's Voyages and Giant Gnome's Star Trek: Outpost .  Of course, I still do work for Pendant, have a semi-recurring role on The Kingery  and a brief regular role on Star Wars: Blue Harvest , and a way-cool role this month as a bad-ass stormtrooper type on Wonder Woman, Champion of Themyscira - on the kick-off episode for the Ex Tempus crossover, no less, and one that ended up being a pleasant surprise (thanks rfrancis !).  And jeffrey was kind enough to interview me for This Week In Pendant as well (thanks Jefe!)  Also doing a couple of episodes of BrokenSea's Doctor Who , releasing this month and next.

Whew... enough of the self-promotion... if you're ever interested at all you can click the release schedule link at the left to see where I'll be next.

It's still hard to believe that after a year I've become so involved in the online audiodrama community.  I've met a lot of really great friends along the way and have come to greatly enjoy what I do.  Looking forward to continuing as long as everyone will have me. :-)

On to other stuff.  Today was a bit freaky... thunderstorms in Colorado aren't unusual, even as bad as the drought had been in recent years. Today, though, on my way to lunch, I looked over at the dark clouds forming to the west over Fort Carson.  Only after two or three glances did I realize that the damn thing was not only dropping down, but *rotating* as well.

Pardon my language, but my thought at the moment was "Oh *shit*. Funnel cloud."

I had done enough storm spotting and tornado chasing in my younger, more foolish days to know that I *really* didn't want to be in the path of a potential tornado.  So I hauled ass up the road to get as far out of the path as I could.

Fortunately, the tornado never developed, but I'm still getting chills down the spine tonight thinking about it. It was bad enough with the rain, hail and street flooding we got out of it as it was. *shudder*

Well, to wrap up, I hope to post a review soon that several people have asked for. On what, you may ask?  Well, Chelle and I upgraded our cellphones recently and we both got a Palm Pre. I hope to share a few of my experiences with it, good *and* bad, from my first 30 days with it.

I think I will also be linking my Twitter posts over here, so that it won't look quite as neglected. I'm not the type who tweets what he's had for lunch, so it shouldn't be too awful bad.  I'll also make an effort to post some more verbose commentary here as well, time and real life permitting. :-)

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