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It's raining in Colorado...

...which may not seem like much until you take into account the fact that it has been *incredibly* dry in recent years.  It's actually a bit surreal looking out the back patio door and seeing the overcast sky and watching the clouds build over Pikes Peak.

Well, another busy month has come and gone.  Didn't audition as much this last month as I usually do since real life was a bit busy, but catching up a bit last night with two I sent out and hopefully another tonight. 

Had a few projects hit the web this month... Star Trek: Outpost at GGP, a reprise of my role as Mort on Seminar and as an Imperial soldier on Star Wars: Blue Harvest, both at Pendant, and the re-release of Gaia's Voyages at BrokenSea. 

Change of plans for the summer... was hoping to make the trek to LA for Pendant's annual picnic, but because of a schedule conflict I won't be able to make it this year.  Hopefully I'll get to finally meet y'all face-to-face next year.  Since part of the LA trip was to take the kids to see the sights, we wanted to make it up to them somehow... so instead we will be going to Walt Disney World in Orlando the week of Thanksgiving.  Chelle came up with the idea, and everyone is looking forward to the trip!

I hope life has been treating everyone well and that it continues to do so. :-)

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