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Sensors indicate signs of activity...

Life continues here at the homestead... in my long absence from LJ, work still keeps me occupied, and I continue to be somewhat active in the audiodrama community, although I've been focusing more on specific projects. Mostly Star Trek: Outpost and The Kingery, although Ive helped out here and there where people have kindly asked for my assistance. For those with an interest in what I've done, I've finally got around to posting an updated resume, linked from this site. At some point I suppose I'll pretty it up with links and such. One more in a list of priorities...

In addition, over the last year and a half, I've been taking Taekwondo classes with my family. I was pleased to witness my kids receive their black belts this past week. As for myself, I'm about six months away from reaching that milestone miself. It's funny... I'm finding myself more physically active now at age 46 than I was at age 16. Pretty sad, huh?

Now if I can make some headway on xeriscaping the front yard before winter sets in, I'll be in good shape. 

Well, need to cut it short. It's getting late and as always, there's another workday tomorrow.
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