Paul Lavelle (virtualoak) wrote,
Paul Lavelle

From Twitter 04-15-2011

  • 09:43:00: @sfpanda And to you, as well!
  • 09:49:02: RT @GeorgeTakei Charlie Sheen is registering trademarks on catchphrases e.g. "Winning." I am submitting one: "Charlie Sheen's a douchebag."
  • 09:50:18: @sfpanda Thank you! I don't drink coffee, but I hoist my cola tankard in return! :-)
  • 15:20:05: Alright - workday is done... Just need to wash up the truck then it is off to Denver!
  • 17:39:33: On the road to Denver - #Starfest, here we come!
  • 19:43:45: Checked in at the hotel, getting ready to get registered...

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